Defense begins its case in murder-for-hire trial
Thursday, August 6, 1998

HOUSTON (AP) -- Attorneys for an ex-bookie accused of hiring his brother to kill his wife launched their defense Wednesday by trying to convince jurors their client's voice is not on a tape recording in which the slaying is discussed.

Defense attorneys opened their case with the videotaped testimony of a voice expert who contends Bob Angleton is not one of two men heard plotting the slaying on an audiotape.

Steve Cain, president of Wisconsin-based Applied Forensic Technologies International Inc., initially was hired by prosecutors to examine the tape.

The state contends Bob and Roger Angleton are heard plotting the April 16, 1997, slaying of Bob's wife, Doris McGown Angleton. But defense attorneys insist the voices belong to Roger Angleton and an unknown conspirator.

Cain was hired by the defense team after he told prosecutors at least 80 percent of the words he examined on the tape were "very dissimilar" to Bob Angleton's voice. During his testimony Wednesday, he also said he did not think the tape was an original.

Earlier, prosecutors presented several witnesses who said they recognized Bob Angleton's voice on the tape, allegedly made by his brother.

Bob Angleton is accused of hiring Roger Angleton to kill his wife at the couple's home near River Oaks. Mrs. Angleton, 46, was killed two months after she filed for divorce and obtained half of $3 million the couple had in safe deposit boxes.

Roger Angleton killed himself in jail last February and left behind notes claiming he killed his sister-in-law without his brother's knowledge. Prosecutors have discounted the notes.

If convicted of capital murder, Bob Angleton could face the death penalty. Defense attorneys have declined to say whether he will testify. However, his twin teen-age daughters are expected to take the stand